19 November 2023


Thanks for visiting my site and for your interest in me. My book “Scarred” has been published in hardback, paperback and now on kindle. I am also hoping that it may be developed into a screen play in the very near future.

On my website I have shared information about my book and also what I am doing now in terms of my professional career and also motivational speaking which is an area that I have developed. A lot has happened since the ending to “Scarred” and I am currently writing a follow up book that I hope to publish in 2022.

In November 2017 I was invited to speak in Palm Springs at the TEDMED conference. It was an opportunity to share my experiences worldwide – I was billed as “Helpline Hero” as I told the story of how a simple human connection can really save a life – speaking personally in terms of how Samaritans helped me.

In March 2018 my talk was published on both the TEDMED and TED websites so is now reaching a global audience with over 1.5m views!